Based on both COEs POWs 2018, C-IED COE in collaboration with the Defence Against Terrorism COE organized the Attack the Network Operational Course in the period of 24 SEP-5 OCT 2018. In the interest of avoiding redundancies and make AtN training more efficient, in support of NATO nations and its partners, C-IED COE (Madrid, ESP) and the DAT COE (Ankara, TUR) have developed a common project that involves the cooperation between both E&TF. This course, although was led by the CIED COE and supported by DAT COE, was planned by both COEs in order to deliver the most complete, accurate, correct and up-to-date AtN training to the attendees. The AtNOC intends to provide NATO Intelligence, Operations, Plans, Counter terrorism and C-IED Staff Officers and Senior Staff Assistants from upper tactical (LCC, MCC, ACC, SOCC) and operational level commands with the knowledge and skills to integrate the comprehensive AtN approach across the other HQ processes. Emphasis concentrates on providing AtN related Situational Awareness, recommending ways to engage all networks and an assessment on the engagement effects.



Jordan BSC


From the 19th of September to the 19th of October, 2018, a Mobile Training Team (MTT) of seven members coming from the NATO Counter IED Centre of Excellence (C-IED CoE), Hungary, Ireland, Greece and Romania were deployed to the Kingdom Of Jordan under the umbrella of the project “Comprehensive Package for strengthening Jordanian C-IED defense capabilities” sponsored by NATO Science for Peace and Security Program (SPS). The MTT delivered for four weeks, the first iteration of an Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) Basic Search and Clearance Course &T3 to a group of 15 Jordanian military personnel composed by Officers, Non-commissioned Officers (NCOs) and enlisted personnel with different backgrounds, with the purpose of introducing the training audience to NATO concepts related to the basic search and clearance of IEDs and teaching skills to become a Train the Trainers as a part of the fight against the IED threat. During the course the attendees took theoretical and practical lessons that provided them with additional knowledge on the matter, thus improving their capability to fulfil their tasks in a demanding environment according to the challenges and problems of different clearance situations and to improve their skills as future Train the Trainers. The course was also a good framework to exchange experiences between the MTT and the attendees and to get a better understanding of each other’s procedures and techniques. The MTT enjoyed cooperating with their Jordanian comrades during those four weeks and were impressed by their level of professionalism as well as their hospitality and friendship. This positive atmosphere facilitated the MTT’s job and as a direct consequence the results of the course were exceptional.



Greek Police

Greek Police visit

After an official invitation by the Director of Hellenic Police Crime Investigation Laboratories the Director of C-IED CoE accompanied by two members of the center visited on 13th of June their premises. Representatives from different Hellenic Police Divisions related to C-IED effort attended and during the meeting they had the opportunity to be informed for the actions and events lead by the C-IED CoE or participating with its expertise. The visit has been an opportunity to foster interagency cooperation with other sponsor nation of the COE



C-IED Awareness Seminar Greece

C-IED Awareness Seminar Greece

C-IED CoE supporting NATO nations participated to the C-IED Awareness Seminar due to request for support from Hellenic Army Directorate of Engineers. C-IED CoE Director accompanied by two members of the CoE visited Greece between 17th to 19th of September. During the seminar provided lectures to Hellenic Army General Staff in Athens, to staff officers from different branches/functions working on the operational level, NRDC-GR, Corps, Divisions, staff members located in North of Greece and to War Academy and Staff Officers School in Thessaloniki. Also Ministry of Interior’s representatives participated from Police, Coast Guard and Fire Department. The visit has been an opportunity for high visibility of the C-IED CoE, foster interagency cooperation, and finally a great occasion to present NATO approach on C-IED effort.



WIT/SICA Experiment

WIT/ SICA Experiment in conjunction with Exercise Toxic Valley 2018

The C-IED COE, acting as the Executing Agent, coordinated and led the Sampling and Identification of Chemical Agent (SICA) and Weapons Intelligence Team (WIT) Interoperability Experiment at the Zemianske Kostol’any training area in Slovakia from 16-21 Sep 2018. The Experiment was designed to exercise current SICA and WIT capabilities in order to test existing doctrine, procedures for interoperability, and to identify gaps that could inform further capability developments. The Experiment consisted of three SICA teams from Slovakia, Slovenia, and Austria, along with three WIT from Romania, Austria, and Spain. Additionally, there were 11 evaluators from the C-IED COE, JCBRN Defense COE, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, and Italy. The SICA and WIT teams completed three scenarios that exercised their capabilities in a chemical environment with evidence that required Level 1 exploitation. The first scenario was a chemical cache with three 122mm chemical projectiles alongside a number of IED components. The second scenario was a low order post blast in a market place with extensive nerve agent contamination throughout the scene along with multiple IED components near the blast seat. The third scenario was a chemical laboratory with a large quantity of toxic industrial chemicals and an extensive amount of exploitable materials such as media, DNA, documents, HME, IED components, and numerous tools. All the teams and evaluators performed extremely well, and the group concluded the Experiment with a First Impression Review (FIR) which included 16 observations and recommendations form the evaluators, and three observations and recommendations from the SICA and WIT team leaders. A final report will be sent to the Emerging Security Challenges Division (ESCD) Counter Terrorism (CT) Section for further distribution.



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