Cellular Exploitation Course

Cellular Exploitation CourseCellular Exploitation Course

A member of the C-IED Centre of Excellence participated in a Course from 4th February to 15th February 2019 regarding “Cellular Exploitation”, as organized by NATO Special Forces Headquarters (NSHQ) in their training facilities sited in Chièvres Air Base in Chièvres, BELGIUM. The referred course provided with knowledge about:

  • Mobile devices and networks, how they function and communicate, learn telecommunications fundamentals, mobile device data structure, how to identify and correct corrupted data, file carving, and the manual digitization of data residing on mobile phones that cannot be extracted.
  • Interpretation of extractions.
  • Knowledge of the various open sources mobile forensic solutions available on the market.
  • Reporting of results.
  • Use of different freeware forensic tools.

In addition, this course has increased the level of experience of C-IED COE staff in an important and relevant area for C-IED when it comes to Technical Exploitation. As a result, the level of experience of our instructors has increased in the same positive way, in order to improve the quality of the training that the COE provide.



Networks Engagement & Targeting Course

NETWORKS ENGAGEMENT & TARGETING COURSENetworks Engagement & Targeting Course

A member of the Center has attended the NETC (NETWORKS ENGAGEMENT & TARGETING COURSE) in Chievres Air Base in Belgium, from the 18th to the 22nd of February. It has been a very good experience for the officer who has attended it. The limited number of attendees joined to the instructors’ professionalism and experience has contributed to the high quality of this course and a profitable acquisition of knowledge in SNA (Social Network Analysis). This course improves the vision of the fight against the IED’s network by:

  • Continuous knowledge exchange between students and teachers,
  • Daily controversial debates related to social networks’ studies and the application for military purposes.
  • Optimums sharing of personal experiences on SNA’s activities and their methods to defeat the threats.

Besides, it has been a very good military experience due to improve the vision of the fight against the IED systems.





A research project funded by the European Commission under Horizon 2020 program has held its 2nd Annual Workshop on 20th- 21th February 2019 in St. Albans City (UK). The project is called Enhanced Neutralization of explosive Threats Reaching Across the Plot (ENTRAP). The ENTRAP consortium is formed by 16 participants (Law enforcement, governmental bodies, security agencies, academia, research laboratories) and is coordinated by the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI). The consortium includes 11 practitioners in counterterrorism, mainly supported by an advisory board of key entities whereof 18 Letter of Supports have been obtained. The C-IED COE is one of entities supporting this project. The 2nd Annual Workshop has been attended by 40 members from participant organizations and supporting entities (C-IED COE, INTERPOL, EU Ministries of Interior, FOI, TNO,..) forming the Stakeholders and Practitioners advisory Board (SPB) of the ENTRAP project. This Workshop has allowed validating works made by 11 ENTRAP working groups during last year. A broad structure called “Capability Hierarchy” has been created across all the plot timeline in 4 levels and regarding four main top capabilities: PREVENT, DETECT, REACT and MITIGATE (1st level). Each big capability has been split in 4 or 5 sub-capabilities (2nd level), these sub-capabilities in several dependent functions (3rd level) and finally, some counter terrorism (CT) tools (4th level) have been allocated for each function that could help to fulfill with CT ranging from intelligence, policing, legalization, financing, technology and forensics. Some CT tools as intelligence and Training and Education are overarching capabilities and other (as biometrics) can be applied to fulfill different functions (before or after attack) across the plot. It is a complex structure and more than 400 CT tools and European research projects on security have been analyzed during last year in order to populate this Capability Hierarchy using several scientist and operational research methods.



3rd MILENG Annual Discipline Conference 2019

NATO COE CIS3rd MILENG Annual Discipline Conference 2019

On invitation of MilEng COE the C-IED COE attended the Annual Discipline Conference (ADC) for Military Engineering on 28 January 2019 at the MilEng COE in Ingolstadt (Germany). SHAPE ACOS JENG is the Requirement Authority (RA) for MilEng and the MilEng COE is the Department Head (DH). It was the third ADC for MilEng and the C-IED COE supported with Lessons Identified and recommendations from our own experiences in this area in the past because the C-IED COE as DH conducted five ADCs in the meantime. Our participation at the ADC has the potential for a closer cooperation in the future between both DH because Military Engineering and C-IED cannot be disconnected.



Annual Meeting for NATO COE CIS 2019


The second annual meeting for NATO COE CIS Specialist & Security Officers took place in the Italian city of Vicenza from last 12th February to 14th February. Personnel coming from eighteen COEs, participated in the two-day meeting were, among others, many aspects about NATO Security policies and procedures, and Cyber Defence were treated to get a common understanding between HQ SACT and COEs. Two C-IED COE members attended to this meeting.



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