C-IED Awareness Seminar Greece

CIED Awareness Seminar C-IED Awareness Seminar Greece

C-IED CoE supporting NATO nations participated to the C-IED Awareness Seminar due to request for support from Hellenic Army Directorate of Engineers. C-IED CoE Director accompanied by two members of the CoE visited Greece between 17th to 19th of September. During the seminar provided lectures to Hellenic Army General Staff in Athens, to staff officers from different branches/functions working on the operational level, NRDC-GR, Corps, Divisions, staff members located in North of Greece and to War Academy and Staff Officers School in Thessaloniki. Also Ministry of Interior’s representatives participated from Police, Coast Guard and Fire Department. The visit has been an opportunity for high visibility of the C-IED CoE, foster interagency cooperation, and finally a great occasion to present NATO approach on C-IED effort.



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