ATIX 18.1; CIED COE From the 21st to the 25th of May, 2018, a new iteration of the Attack the Network Interagency Analysis and Exploitation Course (ATIX) was held at the C-IED COE facilities in Madrid, Spain. During those five days, eleven lecturers and twenty attendees from different military and law enforcement organizations (as USAREUR, EUROPOL, London Metropolitan Police, ESP Guardia Civil, ESP Cuerpo Nacional de Policia) discussed about how to operationalize the IED exploitation process, its products and analysis in order to support Attack the Networks activities by using both military and law enforcement techniques and procedures. As a result of the fruitful discussion, some challenging aspects were identified as well as the need to focus on them, in order to improve the performance of the C-IED activities that our forces carry out in different Theatres of Operations. .



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