NATO Operations Planner’s PSYOPS Course

PSYOPsNATO Operations Planner’s PSYOPS Course

The attendance to the NATO Operations Planner’s PSYOPS Course at the NATO School past March has been an excellent experience. Being divided into two phases (lectures and syndicate works), the contents and the information shared during the two-weeks course has been enriched by personal experiences, creating controversial debates, due to the attendants’ backgrounds.

For a SME of the COE, it has been a positive participation when working with other military personnel in international environment whose procedures are also NATO or similar. The interaction of ideas as well as the professionalism of all of them caused a very useful collaboration, especially to develop the phases of the COPD in the chosen scenario. It has been beneficial to collaborate in the syndicates, being able to contribute with an intelligence officer’s approach to develop the PSYOPS campaign. 

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