3 JDEAL Special Training Course on Basic DOCEX

3 JDEAL Special Training Course on Basic DOCEX

The Joint Deployable Exploitation and Analysis Laboratory (JDEAL), within its course calendar, organized the “3rd JDEAL Special Training Course (JSTC) on Basic DOCEX” in Soesterberg (The Netherlands) from 20th to 23rd January 2020.

C-IED COE, with one SME, attended to the course that consisted of a complete 4-day with instruction and practical exercises for the students. The training was designed to teach students to be aware of the existing personal documents’ types, the materials used to build it and the relative printing techniques.

The instructors were from The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee “Identity Fraud and Documents Center of Expertise” (ECID). 

With this course, the participants will be able to know and use the appropriate equipment to exploit personal identity documents, recognizing with a certain level of assurance if are originally issued, false or forged. 


Site survey NMIOTC (Weapons Intelligence supplement in maritime environment)

CIAC 2019Site survey NMIOTC (Weapons Intelligence supplement in maritime environment)

On 13-10 October 2019, upon invitation of the NATO Maritime Interdiction Operations Training Center - Greece, two members of the C-IED COE participated in a site survey intended to assess the local conditions and available Infrastructures for the organization and conduct of the Weapons Intelligence supplement course in maritime environment. This is a course planned as a solution to fill the operational gap identified in the Annual Discipline Conference 2018 and it’s planned for 2020.




C-IED Awareness Course at the JAF (CIAC)

CIAC 2019C-IED Awareness Course at the JAF (CIAC)

In 2017 and 2018 the C-IED CoE supported NATO SPS with a multi year DCB program for Jordan. This program was extended for one year in 2019. As part of this extension the C-IED CoE conducted a C-IED Awareness Course (CIAC) to Jordan security organizations (Armed Forces, Police, National Intel Service and crisis management centre) from 10 to 14 November 2019. The aim of this training was to provide basic C-IED awareness and support the JOR organizations in how to implement and coordinate C-IED in their organizations, based on the briefed NATO examples and doctrine. Due to the very participating interaction during the classes and the good results of the syndicate works this course can be considered as a good starting point for the preparation of future operational level DCB-projects.




7th Spanish Symposium on "Resarch and Development in Defense and Security "

DESEI 20197th Spanish Symposium on "Resarch and Development in Defense and Security "

The National Armaments Directorate of the Spanish Ministry of Defence has organized the 7th National Symposium on Research and Development (R&D) in Defense and Security 2019 (DESEI+D 2019). DESEI+D 2019 was held in the SP Naval NCOs School sited in San Fernando –Cádiz- (Spain). This Congress has been an excellent forum where all main ESP military and civilian stakeholders related with R&D issues in the Defence and Security field have had opportunities to present and discuss the latest research made in some of the seven (7) areas related with defence and security as focused on: (1) Weapon systems and Ammunition; (2) Sensors and Electronic Systems –radar, electromagnetic warfare, optronics; (3) Platforms (ground, naval, aerial, satellites); (4) Future Soldier Systems; (5) C-IED and CBRN; (6) Information systems and C4I; and (7) Society, Economics, Geopolitics, Psychology, Medical Support and Energy.

 164 speakers came from military, R&D centers, Centers for Technological and Industrial Development, high technology laboratories, Academia, specialized Centers (C-IED COE) and ESP Ministries as Defence; Science, Innovation and Universities; Internal Affairs and Industry & Commerce. Almost 600 delegates attended DESEI+D 2019 and the C-IED COE presented its two R&D ongoing projects: (1) “Protection of Infrastructures and Systems Against Explosions– Advanced Protective Coatings (PRINSE - APC)” and (2) “SAFEDRONE project: UAV mounted GPR imaging system for IEDs detection”. DESEI+D has become a mature Symposium for Defence & Security.




EXERTER End-User Workshop 2020

EXERTER End-User Workshop 2020

The C-IED CoE supported the annual end-user Workshop held the in the Fraunhofer Ernst Mach Institute (EMI) facilities, in Freiburg (Germany) on 19th and 20th November. The workshop was organized by the EXERTER project network and the aim was the discussion of experiences, sharing knowledge and identifying research and capability gaps in a group consisting of selected end-users and consortium members.

As a framework for the discussion, the topic for this end-user workshop was 'Attacks on Public Transportation, aligned to historical events such as the Madrid train station bombing in 2004.

It was an excellent opportunity to improve as expertise in the explosives field the knowledge and the military and C-IED perspective to the researches and academia.



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