The attendance to the OSINT course at the NATO School has been an excellent experience. Being divided into two phases (basic and advanced, one each week), it shows in ascending order, contents and knowledge about several approaches of searching information the internet, “deep dark web” and social networks, adapted to each type of information requirements. The contents and tools handled during the practical sessions provided information with already filtered results, reducing the excessive number of sources to analyze.

Along the daily practices (individually the first week and by group, the second one) it was found that the use of these tools and web pages, facilitates the obtaining of quality results in optimal time. The application of techniques of reliability discrimination of sources as well as the programming tasks methods with credible indicators applicable to any collection task is highly valued. For all the above mentioned reasons, it is considered as a beneficial course and suitable for any component of the CoE, not only focused to intel analyst, but also to any other area (operations, logistics, EOD, etc...).



NATO Centre of Excellence Market Place, Brussels (15-16 July)

NATO Centre of Excellence Market Place, Brussels (15-16 July)

On 15 and 16 July the C-IED CoE participated in the NATO CoE Marketplace event with a display in Brussels. A good opportunity for the Centre to give an overview of the activities we have executed and supported the last year, but also what we can do for our nations, partners and NATO in the future. Our great efforts are also recognized by Deputy Secretary General of NATO, Rose Eilene Gottemoeller, who thanked us for the great work we did so far.



C-IED Staff Officers Course (CSOC) 19.2

CSOC 19.2C-IED Staff Officers Course (CSOC) 19.2

From 17-21 June 2019 the C-IED Staff Officers Course (CSOC) 19.2 was conducted in the C-IED COE in Madrid. With participants from 12 different NATO and the 7 NNN (Non NATO Nations) nations – one participant all the way from Australia - and three Law Enforcement attendees, there was a lot of divers experience in the class. This resulted in very interesting and relevant discussions during all the briefings regarding each topic. The attendees discussed the briefings from their different professional perspectives and this provided the students extra food for thought besides all training provided by the course itself. It made the course more interesting for the students, as well for the briefers.



6th African Union - NATO Military to Military Staff Talks

6th African Union - NATO Military to Military Staff Talks6th African Union - NATO Military to Military Staff Talks

The C-IED COE participated in the 6th African Union (AU) – NATO Military to Military Staff Talks in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 14-15 May 2019. The AU delegation was led by Major General Trust Mugoba, Chief of Staff for the African Standby Force and the NATO delegation was headed by Major General Jan Toft the Director of the IMS Cooperative Security Division.

The delegation discussed a number of topics that included the AU Conflict and Early Warning Division, Individual Courses and Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) for 2020, Regional Exercises in 2020, Trident Jackal 2019 and 2020 NATO Exercises, African Standby Force leadership training, NATO Centers of Excellence, Counter Terrorism, C-IED, Security Sector Reform (SSR), Building Integrity, Lessons Learned, and a multitude of other topics.

The NATO delegation identified 19 actions to be carried back to NATO Headquarters for action with one specifically related to C-IED. The AU will invite NATO to provide input to the development of the AU C-IED strategy, as part of consultations with international partners, before a validation meeting tentatively scheduled in September 2019.

At the conclusion of the event, Major General Toft conducted a back brief with the NATO Working Group along with Defense Attachés and Military Advisors that support military efforts within the AU. Additionally, the NATO Counter Terrorism Section discussed Countering Improvised Explosive Devices, Security Sector Reform and Building Integrity as promising areas of collaboration between NATO and the AU.

A future meeting is being planned for AU representatives to meet in Brussels at the NATO Headquarters to continue enchancing the NATO-AU relationship.



Northern Challenge 19 Main Planning Conference

Northern Challenge 19 Main Planning Conference

The exercise Northern Challenge is a multi-national bomb disposal exercise at the top of Europe, which will take place at the coast guard facility in Keflavik, Iceland. This year is the exercise is scheduled from 8th of September to the 20th September 2019. The purpose of Northern Challenge is to train response to real- life terrorist incidents involving improvised and military explosives devices, similar to those that have in recent NATO missions.

The main planning conference (MPC) was conducted from 18 to 20 of June 2019. During the conference there have been finalized the last points for the preparation of the EX NC 19. At the same time, bomb building seminar was conducted. The different nations supported this seminar and manufactured more than 400 different IEDs which will be used during the EX NC 19.



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