NATO CIED Attack the Network Operational Course (AtNOC)

NATO CIED Attack the Network Operational Course (AtNOC)NATO CIED Attack the Network Operational Course (AtNOC)

Based on both COEs POWs 2019, C-IED COE in collaboration with the Defence Against Terrorism COE conducted a new iteration of the Attack the Network Operational Course in the period of 7-18 October 2019 supported also by Subject Matter Experts from JIDO and USAREUR.

In the interest of avoiding redundancies and make AtN training more efficient, in support of NATO nations and its partners, C-IED COE (Madrid, ESP) and the DAT COE (Ankara, TUR) developed a common project that involves the cooperation between both E&TF. This course, although was led by the CIED COE and supported by DAT COE, was planned by both COEs in order to deliver the most complete, accurate, correct and up-to-date AtN training to the attendees.

The AtNOC intends to provide NATO Intelligence, Operations, Plans, Counter terrorism and C-IED Staff Officers and Senior Staff Assistants from upper tactical (LCC, MCC, ACC, SOCC) and operational level commands with the knowledge and skills to integrate the comprehensive AtN approach across the other HQ processes. Emphasis concentrates on providing AtN related Situational Awareness, recommending ways to engage all networks and an assessment on the engagement effects.



59th NATO Explosive Ordnance Disposal Working Group

59th NATO Explosive Ordnance Disposal Working Group59th NATO Explosive Ordnance Disposal Working Group

The C-IED COE participated in the 59th NATO Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Inter-service Working Group in Kiel, Germany from 21-25 October 2019. The Working Group began with National Heads of Delegation introductions, followed by outstanding action items from the previous meeting, multiple liaison reports from the participating organizations, and concluded with separate panel discussions.

The four main panels for the working group included the Doctrine, Policy, and Philosophy (DPP) Panel, the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedure (TTP) Panel, Information Panel, and the EOD in the Maritime Environment (EME) Panel. The C-IED COE participated in the DPP panel for two days and provided input to the Terms of Reference (TOR), and the way forward for AEODP-10 and AEODP-13.

The conclusion of the working group focused on panel chairs discussing their panel outcomes and way ahead. The 60th NATO Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Inter-service Working Group will take place in Oslo, Norway from 4-8 May 2020.





CSOC 19-3

CSOCCIED Staff Officer Course 19-3

From 21-25 October 2019 the C-IED Staff Officers Course (CSOC) 19.3 was conducted in the C-IED COE in Madrid. With participants from 13 different NATO and the 7 NNN (Non NATO Nations) there was a lot of army experience in the class. A large portion of the attendandees came from the NATO Command and NATO Force Structure. Having representatives from these headquarters in the course was a great benefit.





Hungarian Senior Leadership Seminar

Hungarian Senior Leadership Seminar

In accordance with the Program of Work 2019 of the C-IED COE, a Senior Leadership Seminar (SLS) was conducted in Budapest, Hungary 17 October 2019. The delegation of three provided a series of presentations for the audience, that had been selected from the Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF) Headquarters J2 Department, HDF Non Commissioned Officer Academy (NCOA) C-IED Training Branch and also the Chief EOD officer of HDF was present. The content of seminar showed the audience that the threat caused by the use of improvised explosive devices, is still there. Moreover the delegation expressed the fact the threat has not been exclusively in distant places, it can “come to our streets”. At the end of the session, the participants agreed on maintaining close connections within this area as well, in order to build the necessary capability to address the threat.




Basic IED Field Exploitation Course (BIFEC) in Hungary

Basic IED Field Exploitation Course (BIFEC)

NATO C-IED COE continued its efforts to provide with C-IED focused training for the Jordanian Security and Military Forces (JAF) under the umbrella of Jordanian DCB project, sponsored by NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division (NATO ESCD), Science for Peace and Security (SPS). In this framework, based on the Request for Support for the Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF), a two weeks BIFEC course had been organized and held at the HDF Non Commissioned Officer Academy (NCOA) within the period of 7-18 October 2019. The event had been planned and organized by the C-IED COE along and in close coordination with the C-IED training personnel of HDF NCOA.

The audience (12 PAX and 3 interpreters) was selected carefully from the Army, Police and civil intelligence agency, though the basic idea of using the inter-agency approach in the C-IED fight had been understood. Despite the fact of using interpreters, the training showed a very active picture, in which the audience expressed disciplined and focusing behavior.

The closing ceremony was held on the 18th October. According to the reports, given by the training team and also that was experienced, this course was a really successful training event. 


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