3rd Annual African C-IED Working group

3rd Annual African C-IED Working group3rd Annual African C-IED Working group

The C-IED COE participated in the 3rd Annual Africa C-IED Working Group in Nairobi, Kenya from 29 July – 1 August 2019. The working group conducted briefings and activities, lessons learned, and ways ahead for the participants. There was intelligence and informational briefings and panel discussions that created a better understanding and situational awareness of the threats and patterns along with regional assessments on the continent.

Additionally, there were discussions about the unique drivers of localized conflicts, and demonstrations were offered as training modules. For instance, there was a demonstration on different types of suicide vests and how to perform a Level 1 Exploitation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Moreover, the working group expanded the discussions from the tactical level to broader topics within the operational and strategic level.



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