The attendance to the OSINT course at the NATO School has been an excellent experience. Being divided into two phases (basic and advanced, one each week), it shows in ascending order, contents and knowledge about several approaches of searching information the internet, “deep dark web” and social networks, adapted to each type of information requirements. The contents and tools handled during the practical sessions provided information with already filtered results, reducing the excessive number of sources to analyze.

Along the daily practices (individually the first week and by group, the second one) it was found that the use of these tools and web pages, facilitates the obtaining of quality results in optimal time. The application of techniques of reliability discrimination of sources as well as the programming tasks methods with credible indicators applicable to any collection task is highly valued. For all the above mentioned reasons, it is considered as a beneficial course and suitable for any component of the CoE, not only focused to intel analyst, but also to any other area (operations, logistics, EOD, etc...).



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