Attack the Network Operational Course (AtNOC)

Attack the Network Operational Course (AtNOC)Attack the Network Operational Course (AtNOC)

Based on both CoEs POWs 2019, C-IED CoE in collaboration with the Defence Against Terrorism CoE organized the Attack the Network Operational Course in the period of 1-12 April 2019.

This course, although it was led by the CIED CoE and supported by DAT CoE, was planned by both CoEs in order to deliver the most complete, accurate, correct and up-to-date AtN training to the attendees.

The AtNOC intends to provide NATO Intelligence, Operations, Plans, Counter terrorism and C-IED Staff Officers and Senior Staff Assistants from upper tactical (LCC, MCC, ACC, SOCC) and operational level commands with the knowledge and skills to integrate the comprehensive AtN approach across the other HQ processes. Emphasis concentrates on providing AtN related Situational Awareness, recommending ways to engage all networks and an assessment on the engagement effects.



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