Annual Discipline Conference 2019

ADC!)Annual Discipline Conference 2019

The 6th ADC was carried out on the 27th and 28th February 2019 in the C-IED COE facilities. There were 18 delegates participating from different NATO or national HQs and organizations that belong to the C-IED Community of Interest (CoI). The aim of this Conference was to inform the CoI about the status of existing NATO C-IED education and training (E&T) requirements (NETRs), discuss about the new propose NETRs and align C-IED E&T with the agreed training needs. The formal output of the ADC’19 is the (annual) Discipline Alignment Plan (DAP’19), which reflects the main developments and achievements of the C-IED discipline, and outlines the way ahead. ACT JFD (Joint Force Development Directorate; Education & Training Plans and Programmes) – dealing as an adapted branch to lead and manage NATO’s Global Programming Approach; develop future E&T policies, concepts, directives - will approve the DAP’19 and provide coordination if necessary.


Governing factors for the DAP’19 are NATO’s training needs based on:

  • NETRs,.
  • NATO C-IED Action Plan (AP) Rev2
  • SACEUR’s Annual Guidance on Education, Training, Exercises and Evaluation (SAGE).

The DAP’19 is going to serve as a request of the DH for assistance and as a coordination tool within the CoI. 

In the current year, the (new) NATO Requirement Authority (RA) for C-IED, SHAPE STREN I&E (Infrastructure and Engineering) , presented two new potential NETR:

  • - Operational/strategic C-IED training.
  • - Common C-IED forum/database

Finally, only the first was considered as a NETR and the DH of the C-IED Discipline will try to find a solution as soon as possible after a final update of the NETR through the RA.

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