Cellular Exploitation Course

Cellular Exploitation CourseCellular Exploitation Course

A member of the C-IED Centre of Excellence participated in a Course from 4th February to 15th February 2019 regarding “Cellular Exploitation”, as organized by NATO Special Forces Headquarters (NSHQ) in their training facilities sited in Chièvres Air Base in Chièvres, BELGIUM. The referred course provided with knowledge about:

  • Mobile devices and networks, how they function and communicate, learn telecommunications fundamentals, mobile device data structure, how to identify and correct corrupted data, file carving, and the manual digitization of data residing on mobile phones that cannot be extracted.
  • Interpretation of extractions.
  • Knowledge of the various open sources mobile forensic solutions available on the market.
  • Reporting of results.
  • Use of different freeware forensic tools.

In addition, this course has increased the level of experience of C-IED COE staff in an important and relevant area for C-IED when it comes to Technical Exploitation. As a result, the level of experience of our instructors has increased in the same positive way, in order to improve the quality of the training that the COE provide.



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