Global Programming Course

Programming course Global Programming Course

During the week of 7th -11th January 19, the Training Section Chief of the Prepare the Force Brach attended the course “NATO Global Programming Analysis ”. This course is essential for the Department Head of an ETF´s as it shows the most updated information regarding the Global Programming. The course was divided in two parts, one theoretical and one practical. The theoretical part was focus in the NATO Bi-SC Education and Individual Training Directive (E&ITD) 075-002. The course reviews the Global programming and some phases in the SAT procedure and Quality Assurance. The practical part was focus in practicing how to develop a TRA document (Training Requirement Analysis). The interaction, not only with others responsible in Global Programming of different ETF´s, COE, etc.., but also with the personnel of ACT-JFD involved in this matter, was very useful to understand and improve the skills in Global Programming .



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