4th C-IED Technology Workshop, Madrid, SPAIN, 01-03 Oct 2019

4th C-IED Technology Workshop, Madrid, SPAIN, 01-03 Oct 20194th C-IED Technology Workshop, Madrid, SPAIN, 01-03 Oct 2019

During three days, from 1st to 3rd October 2019, the 4th C-IED Technology Workshop 2019 (TWS19) organized by the C-IED COE has gather together more than 180 delegates coming from several national and international organizations, MoDs, Law Enforcement institutions, Research Centers, Industry and Academia in an open forum in order to provide an in-depth overview of the latest technologies supporting the C-IED fight, and to facilitate communication among participants trying to match current and potential operational needs with technological solutions.

The event provided a set of panels, based on presentations by 29 speakers from NATO Science and technology Organization, NATO Emerging Security and Challenges Division (ESCD was also the most important sponsor for the event), the European Defence Agency, United Nations Mine Action Service, US DoD, ESP and NLD MoDs, German Army Technical Centre for Weapons and Ammunition, French Military Explosives and Ammunition Centre, some national research centers as Romanian CCSA, Dutch TNO, Australia DS and Spanish INTA.

From Academia, universities of Oviedo, Burgos, Minho presented cutting-edge projects on C-IED and companies as INDRA and General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) added a valuable point of view on implementing R&D solutions. SMEs from EOD and C-IED COEs briefed on R&D projects and others topics of panels. Briefings were followed by active discussions with audience. Panels have dealt with international and nationals initiatives of research and development in C-IED, Technical Exploitation for Operational Needs, Advanced Standoff Detection Technologies, Future C-UAS Solutions for IED Incidents and the last on IED Threat Mitigation-Current and Emerging Technologies.

Attendees have had also the opportunity to receive direct information from companies about current and future proposals to facilitate C-IED capability enhancing and to do an intensive networking for potential collaborations. An exhibition area with more than 15 companies (LEONARDO, NUANCE, SCANNA, Centum, IBATECH, INDRA, GDELS and others) was visited actively along workshop. On the second day live demos of some C-IED products and solutions were showed by TUBITAK BILGEM, EVERIS AND THERMO FISHER companies.

It´s to be pointed out that the C-IED Technology Workshops are always an opportunity for the C-IED Community of Interest to identify possible effective application of Research and Development in the C-IED field.



Chief of Transformation Workshop

Chief of Transformation WorkshopChief of Transformation Workshop

From Wednesday 18th till Friday 20th of September the 2nd Chief of Transportation Workshop convened in The Netherlands. This ACT event was hosted by Command & Control Centre of Excellence which is located in Utrecht. In this workshop the National Chiefs of Transformation representatives as well as 7NNN, COE, ACT and other NATO representatives were informed about the agenda and content of the Chief of Transformation Conference, which will be held in Norfolk, 10-12 December. This Conference is the opportunity for National COTs to discuss and talk with SACT and other National COTs about their own topics and the topics which are prepared by the ACT COTC team and refined by this workshop. The results of this workshop will be briefed to SACT, who will decide of implementing the suggestions to the next COTC.

This years’ COTC will be the last one of its kind. Most likely this event will return in another format and with another name in 2020. The WS emphasized it will be of value to give some clarity about this in December.



9th US-EU Explosives Expert Seminar

9th US-EU Explosives Expert Seminar

C-IED Coe was invited to attend 9th EU-US Explosives Experts Seminar which took place from 17-19 September in Brussels and to present a briefing in one of the three expert panels, Addressing Emerging Threat, with the topics UAS threat and C-UAS.



Super High Improvised Explosive Loading Demonstration (SHIELD)

Super High Improvised Explosive Loading Demonstration (SHIELD)

On 13-15 August 2019, upon invitation of the Swedish Fortification Agency, two members of the C-IED CoE participated in a blast test demonstration, which is intended to evaluate effects on several type of Infrastructures of a very large blast. The demonstration was included in the SHIELD activities held in a field range in Alvdalen - Sweden. This activity was part of a long term (up to 2033) cooperative initiative involving agencies form five nations: Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany and United States. Events like this bring excellent opportunities to network with organizations that are working on mitigation projects.



Ardent Defender 2019 Final Planning Conference

Ardent Defender 2019 Final Planning Conference

C-IED CoE participated to the preparation of Ex Ardent Defender 2019 planning procedures with one member of the Center. Final Planning Conference was organized and hosted by the Canadian Armed Forces Joint Counter Explosive Threat Task Force (CAF JCET TF). The conference took place from 30th of July to 2nd of Aug 2019 at Toronto Ontario, in the premises of the CAF Base Borden. Our Center is a committed participant of the Ardent Defender series of Exercises practicing the full spectrum of exploitation cycle. This year the main line of effort will be to support the “Host Nation” in Defence Capacity Building focusing in C-IED capability, contribute using realistic scenarios from conflict areas and ongoing international operations in order to fulfill the training objective which is a detailed plan through all the levels of Operations.



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