AUXDEFENCE 2020 World Conference on Advanced Materials for Defence

AUXDEFENCE 2020 World Conference on Advanced Materials for Defence

AuxDefense 2020 — 2nd World Conference on Advanced Materials for Defense sponsored by the Portuguese Ministry of National Defense and organized by the University of Minho has been held online from 06-08 July and it has focused on the latest scientific and technical novelties in advanced materials for Defense, including equipment and soldier protective systems.

Among many topics presented several could be highlighted as active materials, blast protection, camouflage chameleonic materials, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear detection/protection, composite materials, impact absorption, fibers meta materials, nanomaterials and nanostructures, self-healing materials or smart materials and textiles.

In this conference the C-IED COE has presented its Research & Development (R&D) Project (PRINSE- Protection of Infrastructures against explosions – Use of elastomer/polyurea coatings) in the afternoon of the 7th July describing its last tests and findings.


C-IED Staff Officer Course 20.2

MEDEXC-IED Staff Officer Course 20.2

From 22-26 June 2020 the C-IED Staff Officers Course (CSOC) 20.2 was conducted in the C-IED COE in Madrid. With participants of five NATO nations, from organizations of Navy, Army, Civil Guards and National Police as well, there was a lot of experience in the class. Having representatives from these nations and organizations in the course was a great benefit. From an other point of view, having students from national tactical levels to a SHAPE representative gave us the opportunity to establish a very active and interactive picture of the audience throughout the whole course, discussions and change of information were as interesting as ever. The C-IED COE wants to emphazise that the C-IED Staff Officer Course is NOT intended for army personnel exclusively. The C-IED COE wants to promote this course to all joint and interagency organizations, for the joint and interagency approach will benefit both the students and the course itself.


3rd NATO STO SCI-321Meeting via VTC

3rd NATO STO SCI-321Meeting via VTC

C-IED COE participated to 3rd meeting of NATO SCI-321 RTG via VTC on 17-18 June 2020. During the VTC meeting, the demonstration and trial event was decided to be conducted from 26-30 October 2020 at ATLAS Flight Test Center in Jaen/Spain), with three prior days for preparations from 21-23 October 2020. A Visitors’ Day planned on 29th of October 2020.


NATO Operations Planner’s PSYOPS Course

PSYOPsNATO Operations Planner’s PSYOPS Course

The attendance to the NATO Operations Planner’s PSYOPS Course at the NATO School past March has been an excellent experience. Being divided into two phases (lectures and syndicate works), the contents and the information shared during the two-weeks course has been enriched by personal experiences, creating controversial debates, due to the attendants’ backgrounds.

For a SME of the COE, it has been a positive participation when working with other military personnel in international environment whose procedures are also NATO or similar. The interaction of ideas as well as the professionalism of all of them caused a very useful collaboration, especially to develop the phases of the COPD in the chosen scenario. It has been beneficial to collaborate in the syndicates, being able to contribute with an intelligence officer’s approach to develop the PSYOPS campaign. 

3rd JDEAL Special Training Course on MEDEX

MEDEX3rd JDEAL Special Training Course on MEDEX

From 9 to 13 March 2020, the C-IED CoE attended the 3rd JDEAL Special Training Course on Media Exploitation (MEDEX) in Soesterberg, The Netherlands. The training was held at the Joint Deployable Exploitation and Analysis Laboratory (JDEAL) premises and consisted of a complete 5-day course focuses on extraction, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data during forensic research on mobile equipment. The C-IED CoE attendees will apply the knowledge and experience obtained during this course to adjust and improve future DOMEX courses planned at COE in a near future.


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