Lessons Learned & Best Practises

The C-IED COE is designated as the NATO out of Theatre C-IED Lessons Learned Coordinator. Within this assignment the C-IED COE is supporting NATO entities, NATO Nations, non NATO entities, partners and coalitions operating in IED environments. In coordination with the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC), the C-IED Community of Interest (COI) was established on the NATO Lessons Learned Portal (NLLP), both on the NATO unclassified webpage and on NS-WAN.

The NATO Counter IED Action Plan directed the establishment of the C-IED COI to be the “ONE STOP SHOP” to share, collect and disseminate lessons learned related information. Users need to register on the classified and unclassified NLLP and then request access to their respective C-IED COI portals.

Additionally, as a part of the NATO out of Theatre C-IED Lessons Learned Coordinator responsibilities, the C-IED COE annually organizes a C-IED Lessons Learned Workshop. The next event will be held in the first semester in 2019 and will provide the ideal forum for information sharing. Additional details about the next C-IED LLWS will be available on this page as well as on the C-IED COI on the NLLP.

Please visit the C-IED COI on NLLP


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