The PIAM has been created in 2011 and is located in Montreuil-Juigné, France. It is a Joint CIED-EOD center with one organic chief: CPOIA chief (Commandement Pour les Opérations Interarmées) and one functional chief: the head of the school of military engineering. It is structured with 3 main divisions:


  • Study-Expertise-Info management (D2EGI): this division is in charge of the collect of information, lessons learned, database development, diffusion of the information, studies on (NRDC, Cyno, Munex etc.), technic-tactic analyses.
  • Training (DGF): this division is in charge of the training on the CIED (PtF-AtN) and EOD (CMD-IEDD-BCMD…)
  • Support-Log (CFA): in charge of the support of the center and the LOG aspects.


As a Joint center, the PIAM is composed of personnel from the army, navy, air and gendarmerie. The PIAM offers a catalogue of 60 courses and welcomes around 1000 students per year (80% coming from the army and 40% coming from the engineer school). To do this they can use some manoeuver camps close to Angers as of more important facilities in Vouziers (former air base) and Cazaux.











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