IAWS 2018

The general objective of the IAWS is to promote and improve collaboration among agencies and security forces, as well as the armed forces and civil organizations, both nationally and internationally, in order to facilitate cooperation and the flow of information on the phenomenon of the criminal networks able to operate globally along the world.

Today it is quite clear that borders do not exist for Threat Networks and criminal activities and procedures used in a corner of the world will be tomorrow at home.

Once again, IAWS 2018 is going to be organized by C-IED Center of Excellence in October, from 22nd to 24th, in Madrid.

During those three days, representatives from international agencies and international organizations, civil and military, will discuss the current situation and the next campaigns against organized networks that use Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) and also the importance of international cooperation in this area. "The fight against IED is one of the great challenges of international security and we have to reduce this problem together"

The global use of IED continues being one of the cheapest and most accessible weapons for terrorist and criminal networks to spread terror, to produce casualties and to damage critical infrastructure. An easy and quick access to IED information and building techniques allows the criminal organization networks along the world conduct terrific attacks and provoke panic among the citizens.  This is a key point why interagency collaboration is very important to facilitate the coordination and the information flow within the criminal organization networks scope.

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