Requirement authority (RA) SHAPE J3

The Requirements Authority (RA) is responsible for identifying and managing the NATO E&T requirements associated with the C- IED discipline. The RA is considered an operational authority in the discipline and represents the interests of the end users.


The RA responsibilities are:


- Leading the identification of the individual and collective NATO E&T requirements for the discipline, by compiling, defining and prioritizing these requirements within the range of the available political-military guidance.

- Providing input concerning changes to NATO concepts, doctrine, policy and procedures and informing the DH accordingly.

- Supporting the alignment of the individual NATO E&T requirements with the collective part of the NATO Education and Training Spectrum.

- De-conflicting E&T requirements with other RAs where overlap or requirements influence each other.

- Supporting the Global Programming Development Methodology and the production of the STP and TRA.

- Supporting the ADC.

- Annually reviewing NATO E&T requirements, based on Lessons Identified, operational experience and the analysis of emerging threats.

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