ATNOC LessonAttack the Network Operational Course (AtNOC)


The AtNOC intends to provide NATO Intelligence, Operations, Plans, Counter terrorism and C-IED Staff Officers and Senior Staff Assistants from upper tactical (LCC, MCC, ACC, SOCC) and operational level commands with the knowledge and skills to integrate the comprehensive AtN approach across the other HQ processes. Emphasis will concentrate on providing AtN related Situational Awareness, recommending ways to engage all networks and an assessment on the engagement effects.


Officers (OF/2 to OF/4) and Senior NCO (OR 8 to OR 9) from across NCS, NFS, NATO nations and from the 7NNN partner nations. They should have background in Intelligence, Operations, Plans, Targeting, CT or C-IED. Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies are also welcomed to the course



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