ATIX End of Course CeremonyAttack the Network Interagency Exploitation and Analysis Course (ATIX)


The course is designed to operationalize IED exploitation (Exploitation Reports, Biometrics, Forensics) and analysis across the staff (J2,3,5) and with interagency representatives IOT support full spectrum effects (military actions, targeting, intelligence, or judicial actions) against adversary networks (or key actors) who facilitate or employ IEDs and components.

The students should be able to convert this synthesis of knowledge to effectively apply IED exploitation and analysis to support military missions and interagency actions such as judicial prosecutions. Under Interagency approach it’s aimed to connect / merge military - and law enforcement capabilities / skills / procedures / tools.


The course is designed for Staff Officers and Senior Non-commissioned Officers at J2, J3, J5 (including Targeting and INFO OPS), Interagency Liaison roles (Legal Advisors), C-IED Staff personnel (Exploitation and analysis) from upper tactical and operational level HQs and Law enforcement forces (Police, Justice) who could support military operations or benefit from exploitation.

Bearing this in mind, other L.E. personal is welcome as well.



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